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As your accountant our main services are within traditional accounting, but we believe there is more to being your accountant than making the numbers add up. We go beyond the traditional accounting, being fully focused on customised business advisory and taxation planning aimed at transforming your business. The team at Green Pritchard & Co Accountants Adelaide has worked with a range of business structures in a wide range of industries. We do not just look at the past; we look forward to your future. We help clients set goals and put plans into place to achieve those goals. we teach business owners the skills to successfully run their business.

At Green Pritchard we are committed to forming close partnerships with our clients, which enables us to understand your unique situation and customise the service we provide to suit your particular requirements. We work alongside your existing in-house team to ensure thorough compliance and delivery of your financial statements or we can simply oversee the entire financial reporting, planning and delivery for you.

Our team is qualified, experienced and up-to-date with current legislation, and specialise in the following areas: